Pizza: an Art in Food Form

Pizza: an Art in Food Form

Who does not love pizza? Pizza is one of the most wonderful inventions in the history of the world. It is not just any ordinary food, it is an art form; an art form that is not only appreciated by the eyes of man, but also by the taste buds that humans possess. It’s a wonderful concoction of different ingredients that is perfectly blended together by professionals of the food world to create a master piece that could entice anyone in just a single bite. It is something that could possibly make any situation better. It is truly a magnificent work of art.

Just like a piece of art, pizza takes many forms. It could be in the traditional form of a pizza pie, a perfect combination of ingredients and sauces placed in a perfectly round piece of dough bread, may it be thin crust or thick crust. Chefs from all the corners of the globe used their creative minds to transform the traditional form of pizza into something unique and innovative that also represents their country of origin. Here are some of the notable ones that makes one appreciate the art in pizza in a different interpretations.


It’s an art form of pizza that came from the country of Italy. It’s commonly depicted as a semi-circle shaped dough that is folded over that contains all the traditional toppings of the popular pizza.

Lahma Bi Ajeen

Lahma Bi Ajeen is the Arab version of the pizza and contains ingredients like minced onions, ground lamb, cumin and yogurt. Somewhat a different style of pizza, but just like any form of art, it’s a different interpretation of a beautiful creation!


Margherita came from the name of the first queen of Italy, HM Queen Margherita. Its common ingredients are tomato, mozzarella cheese and fresh basil which represent the colours found in the Italian flag.


Stromboli is made by topping up Italian bread or pizza dough with vegetables and some common toppings of pizza, rolling it up and then baking it. It is similar to a Calzone except that a Stromboli is in a shape of a long cylinder: Another beautiful art in the form of a pizza!


The Neopolitan is the inspiration of the modern day pizza that most people know and love. It came from Naples and some say that the original variant of the Neopolitan Pizza was the Margherita.

Those are some of the art forms in pizza as interpreted from all over the world. It would be a fantastic experience to try them all.

Some chefs take the traditional pizza and give it their own creative spin on it as they mix up ingredients that offer a different experience for pizza lovers all over the world. In Singapore, pizza is an art form that is common in the country. There are many great pizza places in Singapore that offer different varieties for the customers to choose from. Just like looking at a yellow cab menu, there are a lot of different pizza combinations to enjoy. Looking at the different varieties and combinations makes one imagine a whole world of taste possibilities. It is hard to choose as all of the choices are mouth watering even though you are just reading the topping combinations. Because of this, there are great pizza promotions in Singapore that is suitable for a lot of people who want to taste the artistic creation that is pizza. Someone may take these great pizza places as museums that house the wonderful tasting art piece. That just shows that pizza is truly a wonderful invention and it is not just a simple nourishment for the body, it is an art that the soul can enjoy.


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